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camera stolen in mugging, returned to owner

Liverpool, UK

Keir Brennan was mugged but to look at the grin on his face you wouldn't have known it.

After losing his camera, Keir created a report on . A few months later, contacted Keir with the name and location of the person that was now using his camera. It was being used by an employee of a local second-hand camera shop. As is recommended, Keir contacted the police with the new information. A few days later we got this email back from Keir:

Fantastic news, I just got my camera back today all thanks to www.stolencamerafinder.com. It was very straight forward, we [the police and I] went to him, explained what had happened and he happily handed it over.

-Keir Brennan

One of the simplest and quickest recoveries we've had here at SCF towers. Congratulations Keir and thanks for sharing your story.

If you've recovered your camera thanks to , please let us know and we'll add you to the hall of fame :)

stolen camera recovered using exif

Melbourne, Australia

Kevin Hayes had his camera was stolen in 2009, and not just any camera, this was $5000 worth of kit. Two years later, long after Kevin had given up hope that he would ever see his camera again, he hears about and gives it a try.

Without any expectations whatsoever I entered my missing 5D's serial number. First hit. Bang.

-Kevin Hayes

The camera was now being used in Sydney. With a basic bit of detective work, Mr Hayes was able to identify the new owner's name and facebook account. Mr Hayes then contacted the Police with this new information. A short while later and he is reunited with his camera.

It was just the most incredible feeling – I just couldn't believe it to be honest, that it was as simple as just typing in a serial number.

-Kevin Hayes

The full story can be read in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Guardian. You can also see the exact series of events as it originally unfolded in the Whirlpool forum.

stolen camera recovered using exif

New York, USA

It is often the case that is able to recover cameras that the owner has long since given up hope of ever seeing again. We received this tweet recently from Xander who was able to track his stolen DSLR using the site.

We loved the camera and were very disappointed when we came into the office on a monday morning in August of 2010 and found our 5D missing. There was a shoot in our office the weekend before, but we had no proof or leads as to where the camera went.

Two years later, Xander discovered this site and gave it a try with an old image he had that was taken with the missing camera. Instantly, he was able to see that his camera was being used by a user on flickr.com.

I contacted the photographer and he claimed to have bought the camera on eBay. After a bit of research, I discovered that the photographer was one of the people in our office that weekend the camera was stolen. I contacted the NYPD and after some pressure, the guy sent the camera back.

I can't tell you how happy I am to have our camera back. If it wasn't for we would never have gotten it back. Many thanks for putting out an awesome, extremely useful, and powerful tool.

-Xander Strohm

What a great story! Thanks for telling us about it Xander and thanks also to the NYPD for helping get the camera back.

stolen camera returned by innocent purchaser

Porto, Portugal

This story is an interesting but a little complicated so you'll have to pay attention. Marco Bentoglio had his camera stolen while on holiday in Portugal from Italy. He tried to search for his camera on but there were no results. As recommended, Marco created a Stolen Camera Report on this site.

Meanwhile, Paulo Martins in Portugal innocently buys the camera from a market. Paulo hears about and decides to see if he gets any results. When he sees Marco's Stolen Camera Report he gets in contact with us:

When I realized the whole picture I felt really bad about it and decided to take action. I don't intend to keep a stolen camera, so I want to get in touch with the owner and manage a solution with him directly.

-Paulo Martins

We put them in contact with each other and they were able to work out a solution and the camera was returned to Italy.

Arrived!!!! wonderful! It's perfect, u made a very safe package!!!!! thank you, thank you very much! you two are wonderful persons!

-Marco Bentoglio

When we deal with thousands of stories of theft, it's great when we hear the stories that remind us that most people are good and honest.

lost camera reported and found

San Francisco, USA

Phong Truong lost his camera (an expensive Canon 7D) in San Francisco whilst on holiday. He searched on this site to see if any photos were being used but got no results. It wasn't surprising since he had only just parted company with the camera. What later proved to be a fantastic idea, was creating a lost camera report on this site so that it would appear on the map.

About a month later we received an email from someone claiming to have found his camera:

I just came across your website today as my family had found a camera. After I searched the serial number, I saw a lost report. From reading the notes, it sounds like the possible owners of the camera we've found...


After confirming both reports were genuine we were able to arrange for the return of the camera.

My wife and I didn't speak for days... This will be a wonderful late-Christmas surprise for her :-) I really can't believe this is happening, thank you so much!

-Phong Truong

To which the Good Samaritan replied:

You're making me tear up, I'm so happy to be able to return the camera to you!


What a brilliant story. Not only was Phong Truong able to get his camera back, but he was also able to get the photos that were still on the memory card. Irreplacable family photos from their holiday.

stolen camera returned by accidental buyer

Cape Town, South Africa

This story is interesting because it lead to Nik getting his camera back in a way we never imagined...

My camera was stolen out the shop that I work at, so the first thing I did was log a stolen report on your site. After that I figured I'd sell the charger on an online classifieds site. This guy met up to buy the charger and I managed to mention that my camera was stolen and referred him to your site, because he buys cameras and resells for profit.

The very next morning he called me asking about my serial no. because one of his cameras had a report logged on it. When I told him my serial no. he confirmed that he had it. In return of the camera, he asked for the money he had given me the day before, which I gladly accepted. He didn't get the guy's details that sold him the camera and he lost out on R5000 just by giving it back, but he was nice enough to be honest about it and I gave him a bottle of wine as some compensation...

-Nik, Cape Town

Thanks for sending it in Nik, and in case you read this, MASSIVE thanks to the camera trader for being so honest.


If you have lost your camera or it has been stolen, it is vital that you report it to the police. As some of these stories show, it is also a great idea to create a missing camera report on this site. It's free and you don't even have to log in if you don't want to. Here are some of the advantages:

  • If someone finds your lost camera, they can find you and give it back.
  • People buying used cameras can check to see if has been reported stolen.
  • Used camera traders can check if they are accidentally handling stolen property.
  • We can email you the moment we find photos from your camera on the internet if you go Pro.

Thanks to everyone that has contacted us with their good news stories. It's fantastic to hear the different ways people around the world are showing us all how good people can be.

You're awesome.